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Trauma Informed and Culturally Responsive Counseling

The decision to seek counseling is a unique and personal quest for a deeper connection to oneself.  Each person's counseling experience should be no different.  At More Grace, we believe the therapist's role is not to dictate the direction of the counseling process but to accompany each client on their journey while offering compassionate guidance and reflection.

Potato Sack Race
Child, Adolescent, Teen

I have experience working with very young children, adolescents, and teenagers.  My training includes a variety of therapeutic approaches that are effective with young people, including Play Therapy.

Sitting with the Daisies

My approach to therapy with adults is very eclectic.  Although I've been trained to use many therapy interventions, each plan for therapy is unique, created and agreed upon with each client.

Holding Hands

Healthy partnerships are valuable and beneficial. My approach to relationship counseling is through a culturally relevant systems approach. In general terms, each partnership is a unique system and is influenced by the cultures of its participants. The health of the partnership is determined by how much the relationship honors the blended values and cultures of the committed partners.

At this time, I am not currently accepting insurance. Learn more about fees here.

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