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Mediation can be the best option for resolving many different types of conflict.  From divorce and child custody disputes to contract, business, and/or employment disputes, mediation can provide a neutral, safe environment for differing concerns and interests to be negotiated.

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There are many benefits to choosing mediation when considering divorce.  Going through a divorce can be a painful process. Mediation can provide an environment for more amicable negotiations, and allow opportunity for both parties to reach common ground on topics such as: division of marital assets, child custody, parenting time, and child support obligations.

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I am a clinically trained mental health professional, with experience in providing the best practices in:

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Conflict Resolution Support

  • Crisis Management


Although I am trained in the area of understanding relationship dynamics and family systems, the value of a mental health professional as a mediator is not limited to Family and Domestic Mediation.  The use of validation, reflective listening, empathy, and other therapeutic communication skills are also emmensly valuable in the mediation process between businesses and individuals.  


Dr. Ilene Diamond, a clinical psychologist and mediator, wrote in the article titled The Value of a Psychologist Mediator (March 2011):


"Perhaps the greatest value a psychologist mediator can provide is the ability to think outside the formalism of the legal process. Unlike attorneys, psychologists are trained to interview people and get them to open up about their lives.  We are also trained to "formulate," i.e., to hypothesize, to visualize the person’s life, their family, and their interior psychological landscape, including how experiences are affecting them emotionally, and what personal, perhaps even idiosyncratic, meanings are attached to those experiences.  By bringing these abilities into the mediation process, we expand the possibilities for greater understanding, satisfaction with the process and creative options for resolving the dispute."

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